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Ming Dynasty (2019)


Nonton Ming Dynasty Sun Ruowei’s entire family was killed by order of Emperor Yongle in 1402, even though he escaped death after being secretly adopted by Sun Zhong. Sun Ruowei became a concubine of the crown prince Zhu Zhanji by chance, and continued to investigate the truth behind the death of his family.

However, Sun Ruowei decided to cancel his revenge plan after realizing how dangerous it was to disturb the stability of the court for his personal purposes. Touched by Zhu Zhanji’s kindness, Sun Ruowei decided to become a virtuous empress who could support her in difficult times. Unfortunately Zhu Zhanji died after a decade on the throne, and Sun Ruowei was honored as Empress of the Widow after 7-year-old Zhu Qizhen came to the throne.

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